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Bunny Breath - Go Away / Not To Blame

Out Now is the very first vinyl release on Scared Records. A 45 rpm 7" single by Bunny Breath, Go Away / Not To Blame features Scared's John Stun, formerly of Vietnam, and Teen Wheat. The A side features "Go Away" from the upcoming debut album by Bunny Breath and on the flip side is a non-lp oddity called "Not To Blame". John Stun and Zod produced.

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Happy Holidays from Scared Records! We are pleased to announce the December 7, 2011 release of our very first vinyl record, a 7 inch-er from Bunny Breath. Order from our site now by clicking the BUY NOW button, or visit any indie record store in the Metro Atlanta area and pick up your copy of this hot wax!

Bunny Breath: New Scared Artist

Scared Records is pleased to announce that John Stun, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist, is now signed on to record and release his debut album on Scared later this year. John Stun, previously of Teen Wheat, Children's Suffrage Movement, and VieTNam, has been a denizen of duplex left studio for many years, having recorded a 3 song ep with Zod back in 2001 when he was only 17 years old. He's lent his many talents to quite a few of the Scared Records projects of late: He's appeared with VieTNam on the live release The Concrete's Always Greyer on The Other Side of The Street, on the So A.D.D. album 100 Years of Silence as songwriter and guitarist for one tune and also on the recent full length by Greg Connors, Full Moon Flashlight. So it only seems natural he should release a full length CD in his own right on Scared Records. His debut 11 track album, eponymously titled "Bunny Breath" is next up on Scared Records!

Recording has wrapped at Eleven Thirteen Studio, and the album to be released in early 2012.

Check out his music and MySpace site by clicking HERE

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Tune your radio to glorious non-commercial College Radio while in Atlanta! Currently WREK 91.1 FM has The Subliminator, VieTNam, and 315 in Heavy rotation. And VieTNam's Past Away is in Medium rotation over at WRAS 88.5 FM. You can also stream these fine stations over the internet!

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So A.D.D.
Greg Connors
The Subliminator
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The Restraints

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Stan Satin
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Orange Shoeshine
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John Stun

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clear your mind
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The Scared Records Showcase on December 16, 2006 was a resounding success! Greg Connors came down from Pennsylvania on the train to open the proceedings, being joined by David Watkins on drums for his whole set. Stan Satin joined them on background vocals for a couple of songs, which included tracks from his current album, Here, There, and Anymore, as well as his upcoming album Full Moon Flashlight, (of which five more new songs were recorded at duplex left the following day while he was in town).

The Subliminator followed with his mind-melting sonic assault! His powerful set included tracks from last year's Recalibrated, as well as new cuts to be recorded and included on his next album Rake (to be released in March 2008).

VieTNam followed with their prime-time set, blasting the Lennys denizens with a mix of songs from the current album Past Away, and new songs to be recorded and released in '08 as a 7" vinyl war protest single.

Special guests Dmonstrations finished out the night with a blistering set of power trio No Wave. Barely making the show after a full day's drive from northern North Carolina, these young guys were blazing a quick trail through Atlanta, packing up their van and heading out to Shreveport, Louisiana immediately following their set.

The entire evening was documented by the pro video production team Smilestyles Multimedia , who had video screen and special mic-cam presentations. They conducted interviews with all the Scared Records artists, and we wish to thank them for the highly professional image proceedings.

Kudos galore go out to head logics man Serson Brannen aka The Subliminator for making this show possible, and to Bean at Lennys Bar for his support in hosting the Scared Records Showcase. 2006 proved to be an eventful year for Scared Records, and the Showcase was a perfect year end celebration!

Greg Connors - Here, There, and Anymore

Greg Connors CD still available! Produced and collaborated with Joseph Arthur!

Read a review of Here, There, and Anymore at

Vietnam - Past Away

25 years in the making, the new album "Past Away" is now available in two versions. The official 6 page digipak release containing 13 tracks and over 60 minutes of music.

A Special Art Edition is also available in unique hand-painted, numbered and signed fold-out digipaks with a 4-page insert. 13 tracks, over 60 minutes of music.

Order the Special Art Edition by clicking here:

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